Dr. Bastian Heinsohn
Bucknell University

Recent Talks and Projects:
Goethe-Institut San Francisco
"Copy & Paste: The Meaning of Graffiti and Street Art in Berlin Today"
Dickinson College, PA
"The Meaning of Graffiti in Thomas Arslan’s Berlin Trilogy" 
In preparation:
"The Language of Graffiti in Urban Spaces in Contemporary European Cinema"


Research Areas:
  1. 1
    German Cinema
    Contemporary German Cinema, Weimar Cinema, Architecture in Postwar German cinema
  2. 2
    Berlin Streets in Film
    The role of the urban street in German cinema from the Weimar Street Film to contemporary films et in Berlin
  3. 3
    European Cinema
    Cinematic depictions of migration flows in Europe today and its impact on European countries and EU policies.
  4. 4
    Reading graffiti as text to understand current socio-aesthetic trajectories in German and Europe today.
Teaching Areas:
  1. 1
    German Cinema
    Weimar Cinema, Contemporary German Cinema, East German Cinema
  2. 2
    German Literature and Culture
    The Berlin Republic, Contemporary German Literature, The Culture of East Germany
  3. 3
    Film Theory / Film History
    Understanding how to read films critically as text and how to interpret and locate them within the context of film history.
  4. 4
    German Language classes
    I am a passionate language teacher at all levels from beginner to advanced level courses
  1. Blu
    Berlin, 2011
  2. No More Rollkoffer
    No More Rollkoffer
    Berlin Neukölln, 2011
  3. El Bocho: Little Lucy
    El Bocho: Little Lucy
    Berlin Mitte, 2011
  4. Soviet bullet holes 
Berlin 2011
    Soviet bullet holes Berlin 2011
Berlin Graffiti Gallery